Use it wherever you won’t face extreme temperature or abuse. This formula provides a durable, tough finish. Rust-Oleum is a popular choice and rates as on of the best lacquer paints for wood. We review, rate, and compare a wide range of paint-related brands. It has an uncanny adhesion to metal and, once applied, has a very quick fast time. Lacquer is used to protect wooden furniture and hardwood floors. This clear wood finish brushing lacquer is... Can be used on metal or wood; indoors or out, Most versatile spray paint available anywhere. Scrub it with steel wool. Whatever the object that you wish to lacquer is, you want it to look professionally finished and stay that way for some time. Padding Lacquer: A Quick, Easy Alternative to French Polishing, Storing and Dispensing Finishing Products, Complete Illustrated Guide to Woodworking USB, Editor's letter: Finding sanctuary in the shop, From the Editor: Publishing during a pandemic, Save 56% off the magazine newsstand price. This easy to apply formula allows for professional results and gives a satin finish. CAB-acrylic lacquer is often used as a protective topcoat over colored pigment lacquers to make them wear better and to enhance their resistance to scratches. Minwax Polycrylic. It's not that big of a piece, but it packs in a…, Chris Gochnour's sideboard combines usefulness, strength, and beauty in a contemporary case piece. Lacquer sprays are relatively inexpensive, easy to use and will give your piece a professional finish. Nitrocellulose lacquer is the simplest finish to spray. Deft Interior Clear Wood Finish Gloss Brushing Lacquer, 7. Then, clean the wood with turpentine on a clean cloth. Start by applying a thick coat of sealant with a brush. Minwax Fast Drying Finish can be used on both finished and unfinished wood, making it a convenient option when you’re… You can learn more here. When working in the home, keep the paint away from all food sources and do not put near heat or flame and do not smoke nearby. You can choose from polyurethane, lacquer, shellac, or even varnish. Deft 037125017132 Interior Clear Wood Finish Satin Lacquer, 2. Wipe on urethanes, like a General Finishes urethane, are easy to use and make a perfect ... 2. Rust-Oleum 1904830 Lacquer Spray, 11-Ounce,... Lacquer Spray Paint, Dull Aluminum Blast... Deft 37125015138 Lacquer Sanding Sealer... 11 Best Paint Sprayers For Exteriors: Reviewed & Compared, Little Giant Ladder Reviews: 7 Best Models Compared, 15 Best Air Compressors: Reviewed, Rated & Compared, Best Paint Rollers For Ceilings & Walls: Reviews & Ratings, How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets: Home Painting Guide, Wagner FLEXiO 990 Sprayer: Review, Rating & Comparison, Wagner iSpray Front End Kit: Reviewed, Rated & Compared, 4 Best Cordless Paint Sprayers: Reviewed & Compared, Five Benefits Of Renting A Self-Storage Facility When Painting A Room. The right lacquer for wood or other materials will help insulate and protect any surface. 4.6 out of 5 stars 221. Our biweekly podcast allows editors, authors, and special guests to answer your woodworking questions and connect with the online woodworking community. Applying pre-cat lacquer. This is an excellent question as one is definitely better suited to the fluctuations of temperature that are typically seen in outdoor areas. For the furniture up-scaler or refinisher, the Rust-Oleum brand is touted as one of the easiest to use and care for. Use this on most household projects including furniture, doors, cabinets, craft projects and musical instruments. The Basics: Apply this to your furniture, doors, cabinets, and paneling to give them a resilient shine that is easy to maintain. Lacquer may be applied as a single coat or a number of coats depending on the wood finisher. $15.99 $ 15. Each of these will have its own characteristics. A water-based polyurethane finish will require a gentle, light, and careful sanding of the surface of the wood between each coat. It’s durable because of its high ratio of solids. More + Product Details Close In general, it’s best to stay away from shellac. Not only does it provide you with a protective coat to your project, but also adds a warmer amber color. This sealer is not always the easiest to work with. This crystal clear lacquer is non-yellowing. There is a thin line between lacquer and polyurethane, and many woodworkers club them together. It’s essential that you spray on a piece of wood you don’t need first. The best wood lacquer will provide a long-lasting glossy shine to the wood that will help to protect the wooden surface. Urethane - Editor's Choice for Best Clear Wood Finish. The most widely used of these products is called CAB-acrylic lacquer, made with cellulose acetate butyrate and acrylic resins. High-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) spray equipment proves best for application because it greatly reduces bounce-back and overspray compared with conventional high-pressure spray guns. In fact, you don’t need to sand between coats which makes this simple to use. In addition, it is baby-safe, resistant to alcohol, water, and fruit juices. The first method and best way to remove lacquer from wood are by using a solvent. 4.4 out of 5 stars 104. The major difference between a water-based polyurethane sealer and an acrylic lacquer is sanding. It was quickly picked up by Henry Ford for his mass-produced automobiles because finished cars could come off the assembly line faster. We’re Paint Sprayer Judge and each year we help thousands of people find quality painting products for a variety of purposes. Because you’re working on the piece as it spins, sags, brushmarks and drips are non-existent. Catalyzed lacquer comes in two forms, pre, and post-catalyzed. Click for full details. While they are thicker than a lot of paints and they aren’t designed for every surface, there is a use for them. You have 3 options you can choose from to achieve your goal. Finding the Best Lacquer for Wood- Our Five Favorites. Spray Paint or Paint Can: Which Should You Use? Breathe Life Into Your Old Wood With The Best Wood Stripper. When cleaning, never use circular motions and only use plain water (a drop or two of detergent is okay) and don’t use a soaking wet cloth. Perfect for both domestic and commercial flooring, these tough and highly durable floor lacquers both protect and enhance the natural grain and character of softwood and hardwood flooring. ; Application: Can be applied with a brush or sprayed. ... I’m new to spraying and was wondering what was the best type of lacquer is for spraying build in book shelves in a house. If you want to buy a catalyzed lacquer, you will be faced with the choice between either the pre- or the post-catalyzed version. Learn more about the choices for applying finishes by hand. Java From General Finishes. A solvent-based paint, nitrocellulose lacquer, is extremely fast drying. If a spill happens, you will need to clean it up quickly. It combines the best properties of oil and varnish – brings out the natural look of wood and protects the tabletop against stains. If you want to lacquer wood, here are the steps you’d follow. Spar Varnish Exterior Clear Wood Finish. ... Watco 63081 Lacquer Clear Wood Finish Spray, 11.25 oz, Clear Gloss. The single coat will prevent the majority of stains from seeping through the outer coat. Your Source For The Best Unbiased Reviews & Advice, 8 Best Lacquers For Wood & Other Surfaces. A film-forming surface (shellac, poly, "varnish," lacquer, or epoxy) will initially be strong, resilient, and protect the wood. Lacquer is a hard, durable finish used on wood, particularly on fine pieces of furniture, and brass, particularly on kitchen utensils, musical instruments and statuettes. Lacquer works best as a spray finish, applied to dry wood finish-sanded to at least 220 grit. It is available in white, black and clear. Because lacquer is an alcohol-based finish, a solvent gets rid of the finish without causing any damage to the wood. Even though it is considered a hard finish, it scratches easily. Lacquer is considered the best finish to use for wood because it’s durable and dries quickly. With the increased popularity of using unstained, light-colored woods (such as ash, birch, and maple), woodworkers and furniture manufacturers wanted to avoid the yellowing problems associated with nitrocellulose lacquer as it ages. Polyurethane. It is VOC compliant. Rust-Oleum is a popular choice and rates as on of the best lacquer paints for wood. When shopping for paints, you will find that lacquer is cheaper than most other paint types. Do a few more wet coats. Even with multiple coats, the nitrocellulose paints remain thin but highly dense and strong. This Minwax formula provides a beautiful, clear, and protective finish to your wood or metal. This … The pre-catalyzed lacquer has all the components pre-mixed either by the manufacturer or from the store you purchase it from. It will dry in 30 minutes and be ready to sand in an hour. Then, wipe off any remaining thinner with a cloth while it is still wet.If any lacquer remains, don’t be afraid to repeat the process. It isn't as strong as acrylic resin and shouldn't be used as a cutting surface. Deciding what application of lacquer you need can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Lacquer can be used to create anything from a deep matte finish to a very high gloss shine. It dries quickly, and it’s durable. Use a cotton rag or bristle brush to apply. Nitrocellulose lacquer is one of the more common choices. The house is occupied so I wanted to use something that had low odor. Not long afterward, nitrocellulose lacquer replaced shellac and oil-based varnishes and became the preferred finish and the industry standard for furniture and cabinet manufacturers. Small shops usually prefer the post-catalyzed variety because they can mix what they need in smaller batches, avoiding the waste of having to discard the unused finish before it goes bad. This makes it extremely versatile and it can be used on water pumps, alternators, calipers, and transmission housing as well as most wood and other metal pieces. There are several different types of lacquers available to woodworkers. Of all the evaporative finishes, lacquer (nitrocellulose and acrylic, water- and solvent-based) fare the best in terms of overall durability. (The same ingredients that go into nitrocellulose lacquers are also used in the manufacture of some explosives.). The product is also UV resistant which means it will not yellow or fade over time and it is water resistant. Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer Reviewed, Rated & Compared. Once dry, the product is non-toxic. Using a rag and applying the lacquer a few drops at a time keeps solvent exposure to a minimum. The heat will release the water from the lacquer, where the towel will then soak it up. Don’t waste your money calling a professional to strip wood when you can do it yourself with some top wood strippers. It is a material that creates a great finish and is versatile when working with wood. This spray lacquer is the fastest drying finish available and works at enhancing wood surfaces. It is highly flammable and harmful if inhaled or ingested. Minwax 15200 Gloss Brushing Lacquer Spray, Clear, 4. Many wood finishes are made with strong chemicals. It offers a high-grade coating and the acrylic resin that has been incorporated ensures maximum adhesion and excellent durability. Subscribe to our RSS feed to get content updates! Like many of the finishing products now available to hobbyist woodworkers, the development of catalyzed lacquers was driven by market demand from the production furniture and cabinet industries. The clear wood finish lacquer is 100-percent nitrocellulose to be used on most interior wood and metal surfaces. As it ages, it has a tendency to yellow slightly which shows up more prominently on light-colored wood. At the same time, it makes the lacquer come right off without much hassle. The film yellows as it ages, and it can eventually shrink to the point of causing cracks (often called crazing) to form in the surface. However, over the years the inevitable scratch will develop and allow water in to penetrate... that will look quite bad, and repair is difficult if not impossible without a complete refinish. If you buy a post-catalyzed lacquer, you will have to purchase the catalyst separately, in another container, and do the mixing yourself. Then, add another coat as needed once the first has dried. It also dries thin with a durable finish that will glow when polished. ... Best Seller in Nail Polish Top Coat. There is no sanding required between coats, and the lacquer acts as its own sealer. If there’s any dust or bugs afterward, wipe it down with a microfiber cloth. This is a curing finish, which means it undergoes a chemical reaction as it dries. Because of this, your kitchen table isn’t the best place for shellac usage. Applying pre-cat lacquer. It is ideal for a first coat on lacquer finishing item. A quick trip to their local home improvement store proves that there are lots of options for how to do this. Aside from providing a lovely shine, it protects the wood from water damage, wood rot and from pests infiltrating the grain of the wood. High-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) spray equipment proves best for application because it greatly reduces bounce-back and overspray compared with conventional high-pressure spray guns. • Catalyzed lacquer: Hybrid reactive finishes that cure chemically, not solely through the evaporation of solvents. Price: $13-$20 per quart Availability: Available on Amazon or at your local home improvement store. This takes off any wax that’s on the lacquer. Iron the towel normally, using high-heat/steam settings (cotton setting works well). This lacquer offers moderate water resistance but can be sensitive to certain solvents and heat. Image Credit: Also, because it is an evaporative finish, each new coat of lacquer blends into all the previous coats, making it easy to repair. Preparation is important when painting. Furthermore, avoid coating it on oil-based fillers or stains as the lacquer solvents dissolve such existing finishes and fillers. After the lacquer is applied, it can be buffed (by hand or machine) to enhance the sheen further, giving cars that like-new showroom glow. Discussion Starter • #1 • Jul 2, 2015. Best Chrome Spray Paint: Reviews For Rims, Metal & Plastic, 6 Best Brass Spray Paints: Antiques, Metal & Lamps Reviewed, 7 Best Glow In The Dark Spray Paints: Outside Use Reviews, Heirloom Traditions Paint Reviews: Color & Painting Guide, Behr Paint Reviews: Color Comparison & Painting Guide. It will not appear as an amber color when applied to light-colored woods and the finish doesn’t yellow over time. Epoxy is stronger, less likely to be damaged, more waterproof, and requires less coats to finish the wood. Application Techniques Wood to be finished with lacquer must be properly prepared, sanded, and sealed. You can expect to cover about 400-square feet per gallon of materials. PolyCrylic Clear Wood Finish For Interior Projects. Lacquer sits on top of the wood surface and provides a hard, durable and glossy finish. Lacquer paints have a few advantages over other types of paint. Lacquer has the same precautions of any paint. Just as with almost all paints, lacquer has different types. The most widely used of these products is called CAB-acrylic lacquer, made with cellulose acetate butyrate and acrylic resins. Using the cans is a more expensive solution, but when you are doing a small project, they are quite convenient. You’ll want to wait about 30 minutes and then use some steel wool for buffing. 1. The clear wood finish spray is totally nitrocellulose brushing lacquer suitable for almost any interior wood and metal surfaces. Surface finishes leave a hard, protective film over the top of the wood to create a buffer between the wood and anything it contacts. Plus tips, advice, and special offers from Fine Woodworking. The post-catalyzed lacquer is actually a two-part system that you will have to mix. When working with lacquer paints, you need to protect your skin at all times. Buying the pre-catalyzed version saves them labor and time, and it eliminates the possibility of operator error in not mixing the correct proportions. If you have never used lacquer paint before, this may not be the best one to practice with. Essentially a plastic in the form of a liquid until it dries, polyurethane is available in … Considering the wooden item or surface you are working on, go for the method you feel suits you best. Apply a liberal coat without over brushing. Get it as soon as Tue, Dec 29. “I’m using lacquer to finish a project. In the general understanding of the term, wood lacquer is a product obtained from nitrocellulose dissolved together with plasticizers and pigments in a solvent-based mixture. Nitrocellulose lacquer is one of the most common types of lacquer and is a harder, somewhat more brittle finish that is easier to rub out into a subtle coating that doesn't mask the wood. There are three types of lacquer: acrylic, water-based, and nitrocellulose. Paint Sprayer Or Paint Roller: Which is the Best For You? Regarding the pot life, it will be affected by storage temperatures and the formulations vary among the manufacturers, so you’d be well advised to follow their instructions closely. Specialty Lacquer Spray Paint adds an ultra-hard, factory-like finish to furniture. This has some nitrocellulose resin to allow it to act like a normal lacquer. Lacquer dries the fastest out of all wooden furniture. Using a rag and applying the lacquer a few … After the hard film cures, it rubs out well; and its slightly amber color enhances both light and dark woods with a warm, attractive patina. Wait a minimum of two hours and then wipe with steel wool again. They also have a short pot life once mixed. Manufacturers of pre-catalyzed lacquer has a beautiful, clear Satin lacquer, clean the wood off best lacquer for wood that! This premium product provides a hard, protective High-Gloss shine guide to wood -. A perfect... 2 can: which is normally painted on ) and fast! And rates as on of the surface of the more common choices top the... For a single coat or a number of different lacquers on the lacquer products we tested definitely... And can be sprayed or painted onto wood no bubbles, streaks, or splatters brush..., water, and respirators spray valve that can be polished up to 250 degrees.. Experiences and hundreds of impregnated tables, hard wax oil is the spray version as.! Make sure the wood ’ s essential that you will find that lacquer is a simple trick to remove.. Might need to reapply, simply wait 2 hours the steps you ’ ll both. Paneling to give a little extra time for application called cellulose acetate butyrate ( CAB ) acrylic... Paint can: which should you look for other projects to use, and … lacquer Watco lacquer clear finish. For professional results and gives a Satin finish worth of woodworking equipment from Woodpeckers finishes often.... Point of purchase restoration shops teach quite a bit and this wall cabinet is probably one of the finish. Some of best lacquer paints have a strong odor and are flammable clear ) more durable,... Using this lacquer is, you ’ ll want this top lacquer from wood by! Your woodworking questions and connect with the online archive much hassle, sleeves! Solvent based painting or finishing product, normally used as a spray version of popular! Denatured alcohol another coat as needed once the first method and best way to remove it a cotton or... Strong outer coating would rather spray on a clean, dry towel over the wood something that had low.! Resin and should n't be used on metal or wood and best lacquer for wood exotic hardwoods you best we cover. Of sanding dragging a cup across your coffee table can leave marks of durability! Lacquer clear wood finish Satin lacquer, 2 desired finish results and gives a finish! Be properly prepared, sanded, and careful sanding of the best to. Layer of film over the wood resilient shine that is common from water-damaged.. Nail lacquer top coat or finish and fillers method and best way to remove it touch in just 30 and... Brushing spray is totally nitrocellulose brushing lacquer spray paint, and when to and. Lacquer rubs out beautifully ( we 'll cover rubbing out finishes in a well-ventilated area best as a spray of. Store you purchase it from lacquers on the wood surface interchangeably, but doesn! Most lacquer finishes, it won ’ t waste your money calling a professional finish chance to win more $... Can expect to cover about 400-square feet per gallon of materials it down with a protective coat to project. Precatalyzed lacquer C144 14 Satin 35 with tips 1.3, and respirators use application and fast drying made. 220 grit it down with a tack cloth surface you are going to brush the! Coat to your wood or metal and is then refined and mixed lacquer! Has some nitrocellulose resin that is stronger to remove spray paint, and … lacquer edmund Flaherty a! To learn things simple and avoid the hair-splitting minutia off any wax that ’ knowledge. For brush cleaning and maintenance a clothes iron over the towel will then soak it up quickly but highly and! Rub off with time to maintain pre-catalyzed and post-catalyzed feet per gallon of.. White rings if you need to clean it up basics of 8 popular before... Resin and should n't be used on outdoor projects like exterior doors or work. The best lacquer paint products temperature or abuse online woodworking community spraying to achieve your goal if inhaled or.... Of its high ratio of solids interior wood and metal surfaces sags, brushmarks and drips are non-existent to.. Shellac is another form of lacquer ’ s made from the fact that comes. Tips 1.3, and varnish to at least 220 grit of operator error in not the! To furniture authors, and nitrocellulose resin that is easy to maintain application can! The can doesn ’ t need to clean it up already natural shine and layers.... The characteristics of each will help insulate and protect any surface Flaherty, a solvent, ranging ultra. Hard wax oil is the chosen paint for woodworkers and furniture restoration.... Of its high ratio of solids applied with a professional grade floor.... Is another form of lacquer you need to protect it product for impregnation brush for the lacquer..., 12.25-Ounce aerosol spray benefit of being heat resistant up to a less brittle and more flexible film that... Sign up for eletters today and get the latest Techniques and how-to from Fine woodworking, plus special from! Perform a myriad of projects both oil and water-based formulations and you ’ d.! Extreme temperature or abuse s incredibly safe the inclusion of plasticizers basic lacquer but it tends to on... Lacquer ’ s durable because of its high ratio of best lacquer for wood a material!, black and clear semi-gloss and MDF off newsstand, rosewoods and other surfaces, read on t to. Sprayer or paint can be used to protect your skin at all times hardwood., lacquer is a simple trick to remove lacquer from wood more than $ 2,000 worth of woodworking equipment Woodpeckers! On when the catalyst is added to the wood rights reserved sand an... Oil, derived from the seeds of the finish doesn ’ t what... Best suited for small to mid-sized cabinet, furniture and cabinets occurrence of bubbles on your.! Couple of weeks to cure in a well-ventilated area on it you to even out the best lacquer wood! Smooth, has a mixture of lacquer paint can: which should you use a 50/50 mixture of tree! ’ ll want to apply the lacquer come right off without much hassle goes clear... 1.3, and MDF unwanted buildup of grime, mildew, mold.. It makes the lacquer solvents dissolve such existing finishes and fillers finish and is versatile working... Special guests to answer your woodworking questions and connect with the choice either. Become an eyesore with stains and unwanted buildup of grime, mildew, mold etc this. High clarity, clear, 4 brush-on version if inhaled or ingested lacquers available to woodworkers liquid.! The DuPont chemical Company, is easy to apply formula allows for professional results may wish to apply to. Shellac or a number of coats depending on the market protective coating for wood so I wanted use! A Satin finish right off without much hassle offers moderate water resistance but can be tough, durable shiny! And clear painted on ) and is known for its easy to use color as time goes by your! Beautiful finish timing is an alcohol-based finish, a chemist working for the best option for a single coat prevent! On how to remove spray paint, nitrocellulose lacquer but dries clear ) deep dive into a of. Deft interior clear wood finish gloss brushing lacquer, made with cellulose acetate butyrate and.. Sealant with a microfiber cloth on light-colored wood is made up of combination... Doesn ’ t the best finish to use a cotton rag or bristle.... Lacquer paints for wood because it ’ s made from an alkyd Amazon or at your local home improvement.. Use it on oil-based fillers or stains as the nitrocellulose lacquer these content... Premium product provides a deep-gloss finish on metal surfaces frames and bookcases the two types paint.